February 2018

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Along with other interesting 2018 real estate trends such virtual reality, drones and millennial buyers, a recent MarketWatch article brings up a new term that has strong significance in South Florida, "Surban" communities. 


The article says the trend reflects existing suburban neighborhoods adding amenities, to create an area where you can "live, work and play right outside of the core part of the city." In South Florida, especially the Fort Lauderdale area, there are plenty of cases of this popping up. Suburban communities like Hollywood, Weston, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines and Miramar, and even outskirts of Fort Lauderdale are adding mini-downtown areas and amenities that cater to people who like the convenience and nearness of traditional…
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Whether you are buying or selling - or if you're doing both - the real estate transaction process can be a stressful one with many factors out of your control. Here are some ways to productively save time, money, and your sanity through the process. 

1. Mentally Prepare 

Before you jump in to the process, know what you are getting yourself into. You're jumping onboard a train and you don't know how fast or slow it may go, how many stops, and how long the total journey will take you. You have to be prepared for several different scenarios, whether that means being ready to pull the trigger on a purchase or sale right away, or possibly waiting months for just the right deal to come along. 

2. Lighten Your Load

Whether buying or selling, a move is…
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We've all seen the commercial with the young couple who keeps listing of their "never," most of which have to do with having kids. "We're never getting a minivan." "Never moving out of the city." "Never having another child," etc. 

Having children will absolutely impact you in some way at home, whether it's something as simple as having to childproof the house, to moving to a completely new neighborhood or city to meet your changing needs. 

Here are some top reasons that impact family-related moves, and some thoughts to consider. 


Desired amenities in a neighborhood are very different if you have kids than if you are single. Single people will often value convenience to their favorite shops, restaurants and entertainment options over proximity…
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 1. It's too big 

     You once needed lots of space, endless bedrooms - a huge home to entertain in. Those days are over now, whether you're an empty nester or just want a simpler life and a smaller tax bill. It's time to go small, and first you must sell your too-big home. 

 2. It's too small 

     Conversely, you've outgrown your home and it's painfully obvious. There's no room for guests, kids, pets or significant others, let alone all of your stuff. Whatever the size, your home needs to suit your life, so scale up when the time is right. 

3. School daze

    You may want to be in a different public school district, or closer to a certain private school for your children. If you're the one going back to school, being close to your…
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