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3 Reasons Now’s a Great Time to Sell Your Fort Lauderdale Home


Recently on the blog I discussed reasons why now is a great time to buy in Fort Lauderdale. Well don’t feel left out if you already have a home or a property – it’s also a great time to sell now. Trust me, I’ve sold and bought right here in Fort Lauderdale within the past few months, and both deals were very good! Here are three reasons that now’s a great time to sell in Fort Lauderdale.

You’re Gonna Profit
Unless you bought your home at the absolute top of the bubble, you most likely will profit if you sell your home now. Prices are recovered greatly since the bottom of the recession. There are also plenty of investors and cash buyers out there who are willing to give you a great deal for your home. Let me know if you want to sell and our team will help you figure out what you can realistically make on the home.

You Don’t Need to Sell
You may be thinking, “Sam, why the f*ck would I sell my home right now? I don’t need to. I like my house.” Well, that’s the best time to sell – when you are in the best possible negotiating position. If you don’t need to sell, you can hold out for almost everything you want, unlike when you are dealing with a forced move because of a job or a financial situation.

It’s About to Get Freakin’ Gorgeous Up in Here
We are coming up on the most wonderful time of the year for a Realtor in South Florida – fall and winter! When the weather cools and the humidity drops, we can fully appreciate all of the great aspects of living in Fort Lauderdale – like opening up the windows, hanging out on the porch or out door areas, etc. It’s also a great time to market to people who might be sick and tired of another harsh northern winter. Say hello to my little friend – the snowbird. They are coming for your house. Better get ready.

Thinking of selling? Now is a great time. Please let me know how we can help!