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Getting Your Home Ready for Sale over the Holidays


Is selling your home at the top of your 2017 resolution list? If so, here are some things you can do now, over the month of December, to get ready to sell.

Leverage a Holiday Spruce-Up
Whether you’re just cleaning up the house for out-of-town visitors, or literally sprucing up your home with a real Christmas tree, take this opportunity to de-clutter, make any minor repairs that need to be done, touch up paint, do some minor landscaping and make your home as pretty as it ca
n be. When the decorations come down, your home will be more attractive than ever and ready to hit the market.

Inspect Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself
Dig a little deeper and decide if you want to tackle any larger repairs or upgrades that might need to be made, that will ultimately improve your home’s sale price. Think like an inspector. Focus on fixes that boost the bottom line and are worth the expense – otherwise they aren’t worth your time and money and can be taken care of by the next owner.

Check Your Options
If you’re selling, that means you’ll need a game plan after the sale. Will you rent for a little while, or buy right away? Are you going to stash your profits or reinvest into a new place? Will you make enough on the sale of your home to upgrade, or do you prefer to downsize and live more simply. A good Realtor can help you ponder that process as well as pull comps in various areas and stake out your next move.

Let us help you through this process – my team is ready to assist and happy to help, even over the holidays!