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What’s Really Going On with Las Olas?


If you’re familiar with Fort Lauderdale, you know that Las Olas Boulevard is the heart of the city downtown, and it is one of the major drivers of real estate in the area. As a native to this city, I can tell you it has changed a lot over the years… but is it changing for the better? What’s really going on right now?

Part of the charm of Las Olas is the concentration of shops and restaurants where you – and millions of tourists a year – can stroll down the street, drop some cash and grab drinks or anything from a quick bite to an elaborate four-course meal. There’s always turnover on Las Olas, and fortunately it has been in a growth trend for a while, even during the recession to a degree. There are also some old favorites, as well, that help make it a special place.

Current happenings on Las Olas include:

Amaray Luxury Apartments, which was built recently, just off of Las Olas
Icon Las Olas, a condo building which is under construction now after a several years long delay – and will be the new largest building in town when completed.
New retail on Las Olas next to the Riverside Hotel – the site that has been the Riverside Hotel lawn for the past several years.
There are also plans to redevelop the Broward College area on the western end of the street.
Across from the Broward College area, a new hotel will be built.
And if you go across the street, there are plans to redevelop the Las Olas Riverfront area that has been mostly vacant for the recent past years.
There will also be transit options including the Wave Streetcar that take people to Las Olas and out to the surrounding areas in the next few years.
What does all of this mean? Are there going to be so many people that it will be overcrowded? Are all of the quirky, small businesses going to be edged out? Due to some good planning by the City, hopefully not. One thing that is for sure is buying in that area, and really anywhere nearby downtown, is going to be a good bet.

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