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Though common for many luxury buyers, purchasing vacant land on which to build a dream home can be a little intimidating, unless you know what to look for.

This leads to today’s topic – what does one need to know before purchasing vacant land?

  • Location – is the community in which the home is located one you can live in, or one that is marketable in the long run? 
  • Will you need title insurance to secure your investment or a survey to determine elevations and exact property lines?
  • What are the zoning restrictions on the property? What can be built? Is there a restriction on the style of home that can be built?
  • What regulations are the property subject to? Is the land part of a subdivision or part of a neighborhood with a
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Many cities throughout South Florida are experiencing urban renewal, and there are several options available for loft homes.

The following are some of the many benefits of living in a loft space:

Access to nightlife and cultural amenities

Living in a city’s urban core allows you to be near “the action,” meaning you can go out to eat every night at a different restaurant, or go see every show and concert that comes to town, without a commute or worrying about parking.

Walkability and conveniences of urban living

Live, work and play all in one place. Walk, or bike, from home to work, to brunch, to the movies, the beach, or wherever.


Living in a downtown environment means you’ll be alongside a diverse group of people. People of all…
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Whether you’re selling your home or want to get in to investment properties for vacation or long-term rentals, it’s a safe bet to make sure your property is millennial-friendly. This generation is made up of people born between the early 1980s to early 2000s – myself included - and as a group we have different wants and needs than other generations before us. No matter what you have heard about Millenials, whether positive or negative, we’re a significant generation and can’t be ignored – in fact, we took over as the largest generation in the workforce in 2017.

Here are some trends to be aware of if you plan to market to Millenials:

Where the amenities are

Millenials, especially those who haven’t settled down to raise families, prefer living in a…
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Here in South Florida, we live in one of the most diverse, multicultural and international areas of the United States. All you have to do is drive through various neighborhoods and areas to see the flags of many other nations flying, or walk down the street in a popular area to hear a wide variety of languages spoken. Our airports connect to almost every nation in the world and people from all reaches of the globe can feel comfortable and welcome here.

With all of these factors in play, it only makes sense that international buyers would want to purchase their own chunk of South Florida paradise. If you’re a seller, you need to know where can they be found, what are they looking for, and how can you market to them.

Where can international buyers be

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Thinking about buying a condo? You may not be aware that the rules for condo purchases are different than other types of residences such as single-family homes and townhomes.

If we think about real estate like a dating relationship, condos can be more like an arranged marriage than a love affair. Here’s what you need to know.

Think about buying a condo not like buying an individual asset, but more like buying in to a partnership of a shared asset with many partners. In an arranged marriage, there are a lot of people who have a say in the most intimate details of your daily life… and so it is for a condo purchase.

Like an arranged marriage, there’s more than meets the eye - there are also additional costs not associated with other types of homeownership,…
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Spend any time in the real estate industry and you’ll run in to a home or two that has been lingering on the market a little too long. Here are eight reasons why your home might be hanging out like that last party guest that just won’t leave… for an inappropriately long time.

1. Terrible Listing Photos

Pet peeve here – if you want your home to sell, you need to present it to the world as something people would want to buy. Amazon doesn’t post bad photos of items for sale, so why would you put up with a Realtor who has done that to your home?

2. Poor First Impression

You get one chance to make your first impression, and it had better be good. If prospective buyers fall in love at first sight, they’ll want to see more. A fresh coat of paint,…
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One of the widely agreed-on real estate trends of 2018 is the Rise of the 18-hour city. So, what is an 18-hour city, and what does it mean in real estate?

What is an 18-hour city?

As the name implies, 18-hour cities fall between larger, 24-hour cities – cities that never sleep – like New York or other large metros - and smaller cities that operate on a more traditional 9-to-5 schedule. 18-hour cities are typically quiet between midnight and 6 a.m., and combine the best of both worlds. It’s having the amenities of a big city with a smaller-town feel.

Why do 18-hour cities matter in Real Estate?

18-hour cities are a great bet when it comes to making a return on your investment. A larger city, in order to support the density and meet the demands of…
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When buying a home, there are many options to consider, a major one is whether or not you want to purchase a property that is part of a homeowners association (HOA) which requires you to pay a monthly maintenance fee. Here’s what you need to know to help decide if you want to go that route.

Some properties, such as single-family homes in developments, have minimal HOA requirements. Maintenance fees can be fairly low, depending on the community; however, the HOA may only cover minimal items, such as maintenance of a shared pool, some landscaping and the purchase of approved paint colors for the community.

Fees for HOAs get pricier, and cover a more comprehensive list of maintenance needs, for townhomes and condos, where walls are shared by more than one…
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When purchasing a home, especially for the first time, the typical buyer has a laundry list of "must-haves." At least they think they do - until reality starts to set in. 

Shiny new first-time homebuyers, and really, all buyers, tend to start the purchase process wanting to get more for less. Unless you have an unlimited budget, or just get extremely lucky, you're not likely to get every single items on your "must" list. Knowing that compromises must often be made, what's the best way to approach opening up your options? 

Separate the Must-Haves from the Nice-to-Haves

Location is a valid category on which to base a major must-have, but even in the realm of location, there's room for some flexibility. You may have a dream, ideal location but perhaps…
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Thinking of selling your home? Here are three ways you can bump up your home's value for sale, so you can maximize on your profit. There are tons andirons of ways to accomplish this goal. 


If you have a single-family home, a great way to increase the value is to dress it up with some great landscaping. If you already have a lot of plants and trees on the property, you might want to consider cutting back or even removing some of the plants, especially if they are overwhelming. It's hard for buyers to imagine living in a jungle, so if you can clean it up, that's a huge selling point. When you add plants, think about what would look nicest and where. Strategically place a pop of color by the front door or the entryway to make a big impact as…
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