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When purchasing a home, especially for the first time, the typical buyer has a laundry list of "must-haves." At least they think they do - until reality starts to set in. 

Shiny new first-time homebuyers, and really, all buyers, tend to start the purchase process wanting to get more for less. Unless you have an unlimited budget, or just get extremely lucky, you're not likely to get every single items on your "must" list. Knowing that compromises must often be made, what's the best way to approach opening up your options? 

Separate the Must-Haves from the Nice-to-Haves

Location is a valid category on which to base a major must-have, but even in the realm of location, there's room for some flexibility. You may have a dream, ideal location but perhaps…
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Whether you are buying or selling - or if you're doing both - the real estate transaction process can be a stressful one with many factors out of your control. Here are some ways to productively save time, money, and your sanity through the process. 

1. Mentally Prepare 

Before you jump in to the process, know what you are getting yourself into. You're jumping onboard a train and you don't know how fast or slow it may go, how many stops, and how long the total journey will take you. You have to be prepared for several different scenarios, whether that means being ready to pull the trigger on a purchase or sale right away, or possibly waiting months for just the right deal to come along. 

2. Lighten Your Load

Whether buying or selling, a move is…
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